Tiny Potager Update

Do you remember that part of my garden revamp, (aka reclaiming the corners of my garden), was to create a small but beautiful veg patch? Well here’s the development so far.

IMG_7919 IMG_8150 IMG_8363 IMG_8364

It really is tiny- approx 2.5m x 2.5m, I started off last autumn by emptying my compost bins onto a layer of cardboard then topped that with well rotted manure & an old carpet & let the worms do their stuff.

In spring I started getting it organised, remember my mantra – ‘if it isn’t pretty, it isn’t staying’ – so it had to look good.  I used a large pot as the focal point & planted a lovely standard dessert gooseberry in it & have sown edible flowers in the pot too. The front edge of the bed is planted with wild strawberries, & the left border with herbs & edible flower mix. I have a row of 4 tomato varieties at the back & the 3 sets of bean poles have climbing french beans,  runner beans & sweet peas (underplanted with squash to grow up the trellis too). 2 corners have dwarf maypole apple &  pear trees. In the little gaps I have some broad beans & lettuces & will sow more salad crops in succession.

Oh & I have a very nice crop of mushrooms – thats a good sign apparently!

Hope you like my little veg plot:)


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