Crochet Squircle Baby Blanket

My cousin is expecting a baby & I decided that a baby blanket would be a lovely summer project so I set about trying to find a granny square pattern – making a blanket in little squares is perfect for summer as It is very portable & you dont get too hot whilst working on it!

I wanted to make something pretty & modern & gender neutral, so trawled ravelry & pinterest for inspiration, eventually, I settled on a simple squared circle, in  the gorgeous Drops Baby Alpaca Silk yarn. This yarn is lightweight, easy to work with & comes in a great range of colours.

I used this  Squircle square tutorial for the squares.

I made a few circle centres to work out which colour combination to use & played around for a while laying them out & photographing them ntil I finally decided on 7 colours & a neutral cream background.


  i took out the dark purple & added a pale pink to balance a little more

 I made a total of 70 squares, 10 0f each colour, I blocked the squares before joining & decided on dc seam joining method, but decided this was too heavy for this yarn & the blanket looked a little clumsy. 


I decided to start over & join using mattress stitch. This was much better & the blanket lies much flatter.

I sewed in the ends & then bordered the blanket with double crochet rows, starting & finishing with  cream but using all 7 colours to create a co-ordinating striped effect. 

Blocking after washing.

All done   

Finished in the nick of time as baby Georgia was born yesterday! 

…….Now to make a big brother present to go with it!

The blanket measures approx 62cm x 81 cm, I used Drops Baby Alpaca Silk yarn, 1 ball of each colour & 2 balls of cream & 3.5 crochet hook. There’s plenty left over so I could have made it bigger if I’d had more time – if I hadn’t got distracted by the halter tops experiment!!


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