Puppy Rescue Sunday

On Sunday I volunteered to help transport a puppy into foster care from Essex to Somerset.

The charity SAR –  Sprocker Assist & Rescue -is a new charity made up of a network of Sprocker  Spaniel owners who offer help to people  struggling  with their Sprockers for whatever reason. They have experienced owners, trainers, & behaviourists, on hand to help owners work through problems & usually help the dog stay in its current home.

If necessary the charity will also arrange foster care & then find new permanent homes for the dogs.

On Saturday a call was put out for volunteers to help  transport this little one from Essex to Somerset & I am in the middle on the M25. There were 4 of us in this relay – someone picked him up from his home & brought him to me, we let him out for a play & comfort break in my garden, then I did the next leg to Buckinghamshire, took him for a little walk & then handed him onto the next volunteer, who met up with his foster carer in Witshire.

Here he is having a play in the garden- Tilly is not so sure as he is a very bouncy puppy!

This little pup has not had an easy start, he has already had several homes, & not surprisingly he is quite needy at the moment- he has separation anxiety but is fine if there is another dog around – he is a beautiful specimen & has been well cared for, so once he is assessed, I am sure there will be plenty of people wanting him to join their family. 

He is now happily playing with his new foster siblings & causing havoc whilst being assessed. 

For more information on the Sprocker Spaniel & SAR follow the links below.

Sprocker Assist & Rescue

The Sprocker Spaniel


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