Crochet Bra Top Experiment

I have been crocheting for around 18months & made lots of different items mostly small in order to learn new techniques, Recently my son’s girlfriend suggested I made a bra top, as they are all over the summer music festival scene and the shops.

I have never made an item of clothing in crochet but started doing some research & thought it might be fun to have a go.

I found this basic pattern for the cups & had some leftover cotton from my knitted knockers & started construction. 

After the cups were joined together – using google images for inspiration- I started to add a bottom band, with a foundation row of single crochet, then a couple of rows of treble crochet. The lacy bottom is just a *sc, ch3, loop* pattern & I then added sides by working some of the lacy loops sideways decreasing as necessary to make a band around the back & leaving ties of long chains. I added straps which were just rows of sc, with long chains attached for ties,  then edged the cups & straps with a simple *ch3 miss 1 sc * pattern. & the edging is inspired by this Hooky Trim by lucy at Attic24.

  This was a bit of a ‘make it up as you go along’ pattern with adjustments to fit along the way. I had to reduce the length of the back as it was too long but for a first attempt I thought that was pretty good.

My second one started with the same basic pattern for the cups but I adapted it to add extra rows on one side to give more coverage.

I also added a couple of rows of *tr miss 1 tr* under the cups so that the ties could be threaded through to pull the  band in & give more support. A few rows of single crochet & a different edging pattern that I found online. I made the ties from 3 long chains plaited together this time. This was a much better fit & went off to a festival on the wearer!

My third attempt was a commission!! my friend’s daughter saw my first one & asked me to make one for her hols.

  This was a little simpler in construction – still threading a chain through the band to form one of the ties & attaching a second one at the bottom of the band – I didnt have long to do this one so the band was v simple *htr ch1 miss1* then second row *htr into ch space ch1* pattern. Similar edging to before.


She was very happy!

This was a great experiment – crochet is very adaptable & these bra tops were quite easy even fora novice like me!

I used DK cotton & 4mm hook for all & adapted to fit by doing more rounds on the cup pattern as necessary.

I hope I have inspired you to have a go too:) Now back to my squircle baby blanket…….



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