Mutant Flowers

If you saw my earlier post re: Essenden open gardens you will know that I purchased several plants from the gardeners during that day.

One of them was this magnificent Argyranthemum or yellow Marguerite, it has been amazing & has really taken off since I planted it 6 weeks ago. The flowers are plentiful & a really vibrant zingy yellow, fading to cream as they age – it looks great from my kitchen window – its a real splash of colour.  

The other day I noticed something strange – a couple of the flowers were ‘Siamese Twins’ – the stem had 2 flowerheads that were back to back – a very strange mutation which I think is called fasciation?? Although -these flowerheads are not deformed -there are just 2 of them!!

Interesting phenomenon – much prettier than the usual fasciation where flowers look weird & abnormal – these are perfect identical twins.

This part of the garden is coming along nicely now, we have reduced the size of the bed, added strips of turf either side, the compost bin area has been tidied up & we have used old slabs that were lying around to make a ‘paved’ area – this is temporary as we will replace the shed soon.  

The bed has been planted with yellow, orange & blue/purple colour scheme. We kept the existing Strawberry Tree & dwarf Conifer & planted a Phlomis shrub, the yellow Marguerite, a couple of orange Gerberas, 3 Verbena Bonariensis, some orange Geum, (not flowering yet), a blue Geranium & some blue Asters & orange Californian Poppies from my mum’s garden. Hopefully by next year it should be in full bloom & looking great.

(The dog has already christened the new turf!)

The view from my kitchen window is beginning to look much prettier!



One thought on “Mutant Flowers

  1. Wow! These flowers are beautiful. And the “mutant” flower is such an interesting topic to write about. Very inspirational! Keep up the gardening it looks great! 🙂


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