Sad Update to my ‘Old Dog’ Story

Our lovely foster dog is not staying with us as, unfortunately, my best friend’s dog took an instant dislike to her & if he hadn’t been on the lead he would have attacked her properly, luckily he was & we could restrain him. He is a young Border Terrier who has a touch of  ‘little man syndrome’ & is adding more ‘dislikes’ to his list of; Boxers, other-short nosed dogs, toddlers & now black dogs apparently. We tried again with him muzzled but that just sent Tilly into a total barking frenzy which escalated the issue.    

 The ‘butter wouldn’t melt’ terrorist

I know that isn’t my problem & we could just stay away, but it would have become  a really big problem as I look after him sometimes & I rely on my friend to walk Tilly for me if I am working. He & Tilly get on fine & I would have lost a friend.  I would have persevered if Bella had put him in his place but she is not very assertive & she hid behind something rather than retaliate, – he would just bully her I think. 

Fortunately I have another friend who has rescued a 3 legged older spaniel in the past & looked after her ’til she died aged 16. She is now ready for another dog, met Bella, & fell in love with her. She applied to adopt  & was successful, so there is a happy ending for Bella, also for us as we will still be able to see her whenever we want, & watch her training progress. 

Here she is settled in her new bed in her new home. I am sure this home will be perfect for her as she will be an only dog & the family will work hard on training with her. 


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