Does My Butt Look Big in This??

 This was a very sad corner of my garden, I was given this water butt about 10 years ago, we connected it to the drainpipe via a diverter & then to a seep hose for the dry side of the garden.

Water butts are really expensive – even ugly ones – so I have been putting off replacing it, & spending money on other things in the garden. It’s by the back door & not something I can see all the time,  so I could ignore it, but it really spoilt the look of the patio, and, as my new mantra is – ‘if it isn’t pretty,  it isn’t staying’ – it had to go. 

So when my friends asked me what I would like for my birthday, it seemed the perfect opportunity to replace it with a prettier one. I had seen beehive shaped butts & ones made out of old barrels so that’s sort of what I had in mind. 


 This really great recycled copper tank looks fab too but not right for my garden. 

I trust my friends so left it upto them & this is the one they chose.  

It’s a huge 245litre  ‘terracotta look’ butt by Cascata, made right here in the UK.  It has a lovely old fashioned brass tap, a hose connector & you can even use the top as a planter like this…. 

How amazing is that I love it – a fantastic birthday present! Great design but totally practical too. 

Just for your info it’s available from various places online see here: Cascata Water Butt but the cheapest I found was £139.00 inc delivery from . Cascata do a couple of different designs & sizes & they have the look of terracotta but are actually lightweight polypropylene – guaranteed not to chip, crack or fade.

It takes a little bit of time to fit all the outlets properly using the included PTFE tap on all the connections to prevent leaks, but I did it in about 15 min. 

You could have the drainpipe going directly into the top, but we already had a diverter kit which sends rainwater into the barrel until it’s full, &  then excess water goes down the pipe as normal.   

We had some old bricks leftover from a building project so we made a little platform raise it up to the right level for our diverter, & then prettied it up with a few pots. 

My butt definitely looks big but doesn’t that look better??  


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