It Works!!

#2 son is studying Product Design Engineering & Manufacture at Uni so we are always researching new products, & designs. Recently I came across Sugru – a flexible adhesive which sticks pretty much anything to anything – or so they say.

It was created by a product design student & is a story of creativity, innovaton, & determination taking 10 years from idea to final product – read all about it here.

It’s a bit like plasticine or play dough & comes in great colours or neutrals & is reasonably priced at £12.99 for 8 pieces. It is waterproof, heatproof, mouldable, flexible &, as they claim it will stick anything to anything, we decided to try this on the bottom rack of the dishwasher, where the movable plate-holder’s fixing had broken, not the end of the world, but very annoying. 

My first attempt didn’t work as I was too stingy with the product & then didnt wait long enough for it to ‘cure’, I also discovered that once opened Sugru doesnt keep!

On the second attempt we were more generous with the product & waited 48 hrs for a proper ‘cure’.

Not especially elegant but it works!! It has been in place for a week now & the dishwasher has been on at least once a day & it is holding up perfectly. 

What to fix next? We have a broken freezer drawer held together by gaffer tape, a box of assorted small items that need some fixing, a couple of phone charger cables……. you get the picture. What could you fix??

I’m also thinking that packs of Sugru would make great stocking fillers & secret Santa pressies, so I will be stocking up.

The company is young & has a great ethos re: fixing stuff,they have built a great social media presence, & encourage people to send in photos to their blog of ways they have used Sugru, there are masses of ideas for ways to use Sugru but the best are all collected on Pinterest  click the link & be amazed! Sugru on Pinterest 

*wanders off to find more ways to use this amazing stuff*


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