Garden revamp #3

So my project to reclaim the corners of my garden is really coming along, remember this space??

it now looks like this…. 

 Still a work in progress bt we have created two raised beds from sleepers, with lovely brick edging & path between – using leftover bricks from a building project. The larger bed will be a low maintenence flower bed – minus the Rhubarb:) I can’t wait to get started planting this, but it’s not quite ready yet, the other will be a small vegetable plot. Next step Lasagne….

……. The soil in my garden is very stony & quite dry – not good enough for growing veg- so I am layering thick cardboard- weed barrier layer, newspaper & the contents of 3 compost bins (in various stages of decomposition) onto the bed, & will continue to add layers of grass cuttings more paper & a layer of manure from a local stable & let the worms do their stuff over the winter, so next year we should have a lovely no-dig veg plot. This technique is known as lasagne gardening or sheet composting as described here Lasagne Gardening.

This is a fantastic way to start a new bed or revitalise & condition poor soil. No-dig gardening is great & takes lots of the hard work out of gardening by letting nature do the work. There’s loads of info around but check out these links which I used – Accessible Gardening and Sheet Mulching. We have had to cover the bed temporarily as there was something very stinky in one of the bins & Tilly the Sprocker Spaniel even abandoned her tennis ball to try to drag it out of the wheelbarrow, I have no idea what it was but it is now buried & covered in tarpaulin until it rots down! 

 This years crop is a little sad – a few tomatoes, beans & squash in pots & growbags 😦 never mind next year will be more productive!  

I had a very curious little helper whilst emptying the compost – a juvenile robin who followed me everywhere & was joined by mum & siblings later. Robins just love to ‘help’ gardeners don’t they.

Today I will be tackling the seating area next to the veg plot, where an old greenhouse used to be, it was a pretty white octagonal shape greenhouse but very impractical  as there was alot of wasted space & eventually too many footballs got the better of it & it had to go! 

Bye for now. 🙂


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