Continuing our trip, we have explored a little of the coastline of Galicia which is simply stunning. The beaches are so pretty, with white sand & crystal clear turquoise sea. As it is the most northerly tip of Spain, this area has coastlines which face both the Atlantic  Ocean & the Bay of Biscay, this provides some very dramatic scenery & as it is always windy here, some fairly big waves too! Really the whole area is a magnificent giant wind farm – it looks pretty surreal but I love the wind turbines & the soothing whooshing noise they make:)

We have seen a few kite surfers going at high speed across some of the bays. The winds also keep the temperature down so this area is not as hot as you might expect – a much more comfortable temperature for walking, sightseeing etc than Southern Spain.


 It seems that this part of Spain is a great area for activity holidays as there are well-marked coastal paths, river walks & opportunities for watersports, we saw new marinas ready & waiting to welcome sailing boats although we havent seen many yachts at sea – maybe it was too windy??

Just along the beach at Porto De Bares someone had planted the most amazing garden on an exposed slope, there were all manner of flowering succulents, Aloes, Acanthus & various grasses- I’m not very good at naming these seaside plants- but they look great growing almost onto the beach, amazingly they withstand quite extreme weather especially in the winter.

     The food here has been delicious, we have been to a local rural bar/cafe/bistro which serves food for farmworkers & the locals at lunchtime only, it was run by a lovely lady & has a very limited set menu of soup, squid, sardines, salad, steak & potatoes, all served in huge portions with house wine for around £10.00 per head!

We have had Caldo- a local soup of ham hock, beans & potatoes; Pulpo – Octopus cooked whole in water then chopped & served with oil & lemon; and also a Galician cheesecake made with soft cheese & baked but with the texture of old fashioned Yorkshire curd tart.  

We only managed a short trip this time but I am sure we will be back for a longer visit, & hope to go inland to visit some of the Romans towns & experience more of this very ‘different’ Spain.


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