Our first trip to Galicia

We are currently having a short break visiting friends in Galicia. 

Our friends moved here nearly a year ago with their Spaniel Katie & are in the middle of renovating an old farmhouse in the hills near Ortiguera.


 They live in a tiny hamlet & have a small piece of land where they keep chickens, goats & a pig. They have also acquired 2 young Spanish dogs.


      I have never been to Northern Spain before & it is a revelation – sooo green. The climate is very similar to the UK just a little windier!! Compared to the rest of Spain it rains a lot here & so is good farming country. The main crop seems to be Eucalyptus – there are huge plantations of extremely tall trees which are used for the paper industry.


 Everyone seems to be very friendly & community spirited- helping each other with transporting logs, fixing things etc. 

A typical feature if this area – seen in most gardens or alongside the house is  an horreo or grain store. They can be built on a platform or stilts & have wooden slatted sides. They look very beautiful made out of local stone. 

Yesterday we went to a small port – Viveiro-  which is a lovely old town


 These galleried windows are typical of this part of Spain – aren’t they pretty?


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