Garden Revamp Part 2

So the tree surgeons came, there were 4 of them & they spent 3 hours in pouring rain sorting out our trees. Our garden looks so different, so much brighter & bigger.


You can just see one of the guys in this Laurel which had grown into a tree….  The large terracotta alien is my new water butt more about that later…..  

The conifer at the bottom has been reduced in height by  a third & the canopy lifted, it was also being strangled by a huge ivy so that has been cut at the bottom to allow it to die before removal – it was cutting a groove into the trunk & choking the tree.


My neighbour’s enormous Pine tree has had the most radical trim – three branches were growing horizontally into our garden, with their permission, these have been removed together with lots of deadwood, this has had a dramatic effect on the amount of light & rain which will now reach this side of the garden. The giant Laurel next to it has also had a large branch removed- it still needs some work to reduce the height but so much better already.


Much better- although I now have another corner to tidy!


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