Garden Revamp Part 1

We moved into our typical victorian semi 17 years ago this week, with 3 children under 5. The garden was very overgrown with mature shrubs (trees) & various fruit trees & lots of brambles, deadnettle & ground elder. 

It has gone through the usual stages of development of family gardens, with tree houses, football goals, climbing frames etc. It had a very large Eucalyptus tree at a 45 degree angle which made a great swing frame for a while (until it started to move even further & needed to be removed), there were lots of nooks & crannies for hide & seek & our children & their friends have all made great use of it.

We have since extended the house sideways & now have a plot about 60 ft square & a large patio with which to start reclaiming our garden as a grown up space
 The view of the bottom of the garden- we are reclaiming the corners that get piled up with junk, as this is my view from the kitchen window & the sunniest part of the garden, it was a veg patch but not a very pretty one. 

This garden used to be 200ft long until 1968 when the bottom half was sold off for development. The righthand side is overshadowed by my neighbours huge pine tree- at least 30 feet high, the soil here is very dry & powdery & a challenge to say the least!

 When we started tidying & clearing we discovered a path & some old victorian edging tiles so we will be making good use of those!

As you can see there’s alot to be done.I have lots of lovely plants in pots ready to go into the garden which will just have to stay in pots until we are ready.

This area is going to have a low maintenence raised bed mirroring one we have near the kitchen. First job is to get the tree surgeons in, as there are some very large trees that need tidying up to let in more light.

Watch this space……..


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